Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Just because you are a renter, it does not mean you do not need homeowners insurance.  


A tenant policy covers your personal property up the the limits of liability, personal liability, and loss of use. If you have to replace all of your contents because the unexpected happens, you would be surprised how much this would cost.  We can help you create an inventory or your items and together we can quantify a value so that in the case of the unexpected, you will be indemnified properly.  

We always recommend Replacement Cost coverage so you are not negotiating the value of your belongings.


A Tenant Policy is very inexpensive and if bundled with auto qualifies for a discount.   

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Lafayette Insurance is an independent insurance agency representing multiple insurance companies.  We offer insurance in all of Indiana and Ohio including but not limited to:  Lafayette, West Lafayette, Fowler, Brookston, Monticello, Delphi, Crawfordsville, and Williamsport. 

Lafayette Insurance offers Car Insurance (Auto Insurance), Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, and Medical Supplements.  Savings can fluctuate based upon multiple factors including insurance score and claims history or moving violations.  

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