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Patricia N

I am on a fixed income and Joe was able to save me over $40 per month on my supplement.  Thank you so much!

Bruce & Shirley W

We never really understood what we had until now.  We went with a Plan G and now we only have to pay $183 deductible.

Vickie A

We are very glad we found Joe.  Eugene and I saved over $600 per year combined on our Med Supplement.

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Lafayette Insurance is an independent insurance agency representing multiple insurance companies.  We offer insurance in all of Indiana and Ohio including but not limited to:  Lafayette, West Lafayette, Fowler, Brookston, Monticello, Delphi, Crawfordsville, and Williamsport. 

Lafayette Insurance offers Car Insurance (Auto Insurance), Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, and Medical Supplements.  Savings can fluctuate based upon multiple factors including insurance score and claims history or moving violations.  

Insurance quotes provided by Lafayette Insurance, 3111 Builder Drive, Suite 6, Lafayette, IN 47909.

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