Medical Supplements

Medicare Suplement (a.k.a. Medigap)

Medicare supplement insurance is an insurance plan to help cover the gaps in Medicare parts A and B.  Basic Medicare consists of Part A, which is your basic hospital coverage... and Part B which provides coverage for basic medical expenses.  Both of these parts only pay a portion of actual costs leaving you with an out of pocket expense.  A Medicare Supplement plan is designed to help cover if not fully cover this gap depending on the chosen plan.


If you currently have Medicare coverage, you are eligible to purchase a Medicare Supplement subject to underwriting.  If you recently turned 65 or within six months of initially getting Medicare Part B, you are guaranteed acceptance.


We have access to over thirty, top-rated companies that provide mulitple Medicare Supplement plans so we can shop for and find the best rate.  Whether you obtain your plan from Mutual of Omaha, Erie Insurance, or United Health Care, the selected plan is universal and would be identical with all companies.  We can assist you in finding a competitive rate with a financially strong company.   


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